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Electro-organic synthesis belongs to the family of electrochemical process engineering. It is a process which enforces targeted chemical reactions by electric current and thus generates the desired intermediate or end products. Examples of such products are medicinal agents such as analgesics, disinfectants, and synthetic rubber materials such as nitrile and many more.

Particularly characteristic of electro-organic synthesis is the electric current as a reactant. Targeted electro-organic syntheses can be used to shorten conventional reactions. This reduces the use of raw materials such as catalysts, and can thus prevent the side-effects of drugs and environmental pollution. It also saves energy, time, and money. Thus, IKA electro-organic synthesis meets the criteria of green chemistry.

In all IKA flow-electro-organic synthesis systems, the reagents, consisting of solvent, electrolyte and substrate, are pumped through a flow cell. This flow cell has two parallel electrodes, which are supplied with constant direct current. When the reagent flows through the cell and passes through the electrodes, the electrochemical reaction takes place.

With the ElectraSyn flow system IKA offers experienced users a complete flow cell system. The power supply and pump are coordinated and infinitely adjustable to the desired parameters. The portfolio of electrodes includes not only the standard electrodes (graphite, glass-carbon, nickel, lead, lead-bronze and copper), but also special electrodes such as gold, platinum, stainless steel or boron doped diamond (BDD), which can be ordered separately.

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Electro-Organic Synthesis Systems

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