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Homogenizing is a process that combines various substances to produce a uniformly consistent mixture. Homogenization is primarily used with components that are not dissolvable in each other, that are barely mixable or not mixable at all. Solids can usually be homogenized by stirring. IKA conical mixer CM offers an outstanding technology for the mixing and homogenizing of dry substances with varying powder densities and particle sizes.

Homogenizing of non-mixable liquids as well as the homogenous, lump-free solid-liquid mixing requires a more intelligent solution. The IKA 2000 Series of inline dispersing machines offer customized solutions to accommodate your powder entry and droplet crushing tasks. IKA kneading machines are ideally suited for the homogenization of highly viscous masses.

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide rely on the high-quality IKA Master Plant systems for homogenizing medications. It is very important to have the active ingredients evenly dispersed so that active ingredient percentage remains constant for any quantity measured.

The food industry has been homogenizing of milk for years. In order to prevent the natural process of creaming, the fatty globules in the milk are crushed in a high-pressure homogenizer, so that a stabile emulsion occurs.

Homogenizing is a ubiquitous task for producing paint, lacquers, lubricants, bitumen emulsions, household products and products for the chemical industry. The use of IKA innovative process technology for homogenization can add a competitive edge to most products.

Our solutions:

Inline dispersers / Mills
Batch dispersers
Kneading machines
Process plants
Solid-liquid mixers
Pilot plants
Vacuum dryers / mixers

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