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In addition to standard machines and units we offer individual procedural solutions for your specialized mixing tasks. Our long-standing experience in machine and plant construction for clients in varying application ranges as well as numerous innovations and advancements are the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Your tasks and process goals are the main priority for our experts and design engineers. We work with you to determine the criteria that are important for the development of your machine or plant. Meeting specific customer demands such as a design suited for the pharmaceutical industry or an explosion-proof execution is self-evident for us.

The desired dispersion degree of a mixture as well as the achieved quality and characteristics of the final product are already tested during the development phase at the IKA pilot plant station. We will gladly contribute to the optimization of your production processes and help you to prevent a loss of raw materials, unnecessary energy or time. If you decide on a turn-key plant, we will take care of the basic and detail engineering as well as the necessary coordination with sub-suppliers, including commissioning and training of your employees.

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