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The IKA ROTOTRON RTS jet flow agitator is a universal overhead stirrer that combines the functionality of a conventional stirring device with the properties of a disperser equipped with a rotor/stator system. RTS-type machines are used for tasks such as homogenization, dispersing, suspension, emulsification, aeration and dissolving, and to facilitate heat transfer. The high rotational speed of the rotor, together with the close proximity of the mixing vane and jet pipe, prevents losses caused by backflow. As such, the jet flow agitator is characterized by its energy efficiency and intense circulating capability and mixing products.

The IKA ROTOTRON RTS can be used to process media up to a viscosity of 15,000 mPa*s. The ROTOTRON RTS is available in four standard sizes and can be supplied for installations in both open and closed containers. Optionally, the ROTOTRON RTS is available with different options: from variable speed control of the motor, to an explosion-proof version according to ATEX, to a custom design suitable for pharmaceutical use.

This makes the ROTOTRON RTS ideally suited for applications in the chemical, paper, paint & varnish as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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