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magic LAB

Optionally available modules for magic LAB®:

The module DISPAX-REACTOR® DR converts the magic LAB® into a multi-stage high capacity dispersing machine for fine particle size reduction. With just one pass, the module DR does typically achieve fine dispersions with a narrow particle size distribution. It also guarantees an optimum homogeneity, which is an important pre-condition for the long-time stability of emulsions or suspensions.

The module CMS is used for solid/liquid mixing; ideally suited for enrichment of liquids by powders in a recirculation process. It creates a vacuum at the powder inlet, thus sucking the powder directly into the mixing chamber of the machine. It enables a quick, dust and lump-free incorporation and energy-efficient homogeneous mixing.

The module MHD is designed for a fully continuous incorporation of powders into liquids. By use of this module, the mixing relation of solid and liquid should be volumetrically or gravimetrically controlled. Depending on the product characteristics, dispersions with viscosities up to 50 Pas or solid contents up to 80% can be achieved just after one pass.

The modules Colloid Mill MK and Cone Mill MKO are used for wet or fine milling of hard and granular raw materials or for the production of finest emulsions as well as for improving of quality of finished dispersions. The MK module consists of two cones with differently directed flow channels on their surfaces. The cones can be shifted against each other to a minimum distance, thus changing friction as well as flow capacity. By adjusting the milling gap, the particle size can be varied. The MKO module works on the same principle as the MK module except the outlet area of its cones is coated with abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide. This results in an enlarged friction surface that enables to produce even finer suspensions at reduced flow.

The module ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC converts the magic LAB® into a batch disperser when it is inverted and mounted onto a telescopic stand.

The magic LAB® can be extended to a Micro-Plant using a single or a multi-stage inline dispersing machine, as well as a cone or a colloid mill. This is an optimum solution for the development of formulations and processes as well as for the determination of suitable tool. Different process parameters such as speed, shear rate, temperature, pressure and time can be optimized.

There are two versions of Micro-Plants available: The 1 ltr Micro-Plant is equipped with a single-walled open vessel and the 2 ltr Micro-Plant is equipped with a double-walled vessel (possibility to heat or cool the product). Additionally, the 2 ltr Micro-Plant has the provision for special extensions for working with pressure/vacuum. Due to their enormous flexibility, both sizes of Micro-Plants are equipped with circulation pipeline and three-way ball valve to choose in-between recirculation or discharge.

Under continuous duty, the magic LAB® is admitted to temperatures up to 80 °C and a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bar. In short-term operation, the seal materials are resistant for temperatures up to 120 °C. With an engine power of 900 W, the basic configuration with the module UTL performs 26,000 revolutions per minute and a throughput of 130 l/h.

The operation and information display is connected to the magic LAB® by means of a connection cable. Parameters like speed, torque, and temperature can be set and recalled. Using labworldsoft® software, the magic LAB® can be controlled via PC.

The magic LAB® is delivered in a mobile transport box with rollers and drawers for different modules, telescope handle, integrated power supply as well as control and operation display. A state-of-the-art carrying case which accommodates all the modules makes it convenient for the transportation & storage

Advantages of the magic LAB®:
  • Flexibility and ease of use: one machine suits for many applications and variety of processes
  • Optimum mixing , dispersing and wet milling results due to rotor tip speed up to 40 m/s and therefore high energy input into the working area
  • Simple heating or cooling of all modules
  • Together with inline machines of 2000 series enables seamless transition of processes from laboratory to production while retaining the product quality
  • Easy and quick exchange of the modules as well as conversion to a complete working plant
  • User-friendly operation via the magic LAB® controller
  • Practical transport and storage packaging
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