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Dilution plant

Application example

The main application of the standard IKA dilution plant type DPV is the thinning of 70% lauryl ether sulphate (LES) down to a concentration of approx. 28% during the production of liquid detergents. Due to the delivery of concentrated LES and on-site dilution, transportation costs are greatly reduced so that a DPV plant is amortized in a short period of time. In addition, the unit provides high flexibility in the adjustment of the concentration as well as for the formulation of multiple ingredient mixtures. Whether it's utilized for the production of household dish liquid or of skin care products, the DPV plant has proven itself many times over.

Depending on individual customer demands, the following options can be realized:
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Fully automatic starting and stopping sequence
  • Measurement and regulation of the single flow rates
  • Recipe management
  • Receiver tank for ingredients
  • Additive dosing

The IKA dilution plant offers the following advantages:
  • Considerable time saving due to the production of the mixture in one passage
  • Homogenous and fully lump-free results as well as constant dispersing quality
  • No foam formation: The fully closed system excludes the intrusion of air into the mixture
  • Extremely low space requirements as large mixing and storage vessels are not necessary
  • High level of flexibility relating to the production quantities
  • The plant can also be effortlessly utilized when the starting materials possess strongly varying concentrations and viscosities
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